FWCC condemns uploading and sharing of disturbing materials online

29 Sep, 2021

The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre is aware of a video involving two youths being forced to perform sexual acts making rounds on social media.

FWCC Legal & Advocacy Officer Stephanie Dunn stated that the Centre condemns the uploading and sharing of disturbing videos in all its forms online.

Ms Dunn said during COVID-19, the Internet has been a lifeline for many, but unfortunately, some have used it as a tool to abuse others.

The impact of online violence on survivors are detrimental, forcing them to disengage from critical and lifesaving online spaces. She said Fiji’s cyber legislations prohibits the uploading and sharing of obscene materials.

Ms Dunn said the impact of online violence on survivors are that they become fearful, suffer from anxiety, stress, panic, sleeplessness, have lowered self-esteem or self-confidence, would often isolate themselves, feel a sense of loss and mistrust and get depressed and be suicidal.

“Do not give the power to the perpetrator by engaging and sharing such posts and also hold the perpetrator accountable by reporting and calling out their posts,” she retorted.

“For those who are experiencing online violence, it’s not your fault and help is always available for you.”

Ms Dunn also called on the relevant authorities who are investigating such matters to respond promptly and sensitively, keeping in mind that the longer the post remains online, the more devastating the impact will be on the survivor.

Toll-free helpline numbers:

  • National Domestic Violence Helpline – 1560
  • Lifeline Fiji – 1543
  • Empower Pacific – 5626

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