Submission To UN Special Rapporteur On Child Prostitution

12 October 1999

Dear Ms. Philpot,

We consider the following to be urgent requirements for the protection of children in the adoption process, and for protection of children from sexual abuse.

Reform of laws relating to rape and sexual abuse of children

Including sexual abuse of boys within the definition of rape and sexual assault. Doing away with consent and “appearance over 16″ defenses for rape of children.

(2) Gender sensitivity training of judges and magistrates

(3) Introduction of child friendly procedures in court, particularly victim impact statements, use of video conferencing, screening of children from accused/abusers

Special juvenile courts/specially trained judicial officers in all

cases involving children
Tightening up of procedures in adoption

stringent background checks on applicants
police clearance
strict and long residency qualifications

(6) Reform of incest laws – Harsher sentences for abuse of children under the care/responsibility of the abuser.

(7) Increasing age of consent for females to marriage from 16 to 18

(8) Setting up of refuges for victims of domestic violence and their


Greater social welfare support for children in need of care

homes set up for children

Reform of maintenance laws to provide adequate maintenance for children in broken homes.

Yours sincerely,
Salote Malo
Counselling Supervisor
(For Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre Collective

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