Ba Womens Crisis Centre


The Ba Women’s Crisis Centre was opened in early 1992 following concern at the huge increase in violent assaults against women in Ba and surrounding areas.

The spike in violence against women prompted the late Veena Singh, a social worker, to gain support of women from the Soroptimist Club of Ba to meet during 1991 to discuss ways in which a crisis counselling service could be established for women survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. With help from Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre in Suva and resource persons from the area, a two-week training workshop was held for 40 women in February 1992. This led to the establishment of a small group of women, working on a voluntary basis, who provided counselling to those in need.

Later in 1992, an office with part-time staff was opened through assistance of overseas donors and fundraising by the Soroptimist Club. Today, the Centre is run as a collective, with full-time staff and volunteers.



The Ba Women’s Crisis Centre is a branch of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre. It is a multi-racial, non-government organisation committed to the betterment of women’s lives through collective efforts against violence. The Centre operates on the principle of EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN and is based on the conviction that women’s rights are human rights.

SEXUAL ASSAULT, CHILD ABUSE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT ARE VIOLENT CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN. The Ba Women’s Crisis Centre is dedicated to the belief that no one has the right to inflict violence on a woman or child under any circumstances!

We must work together to create a society where women and children can live without fear of violence.


Counselling and Support Services

  • Free and confidential, non-judgmental crisis, counselling for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and sexual harassment.
  • Legal advice.
  • Accompanying clients or referral of clients to court, police stations, hospitals and other agencies upon request.
  • Counselling services in Tavua twice a month.
  • Phone services available 8:30am – 3:30pm Monday – Friday on 6670466 / 9239775 (24 hours).
  • 24-hour telephone counselling on phone number 3313300 / 9209470 (operated from Suva).
  • Emotional support and options for clients to be able to make choices for themselves.


Community Education and Public Advocacy

  • Talks, workshops and seminars on the issue of violence against women and children.
  • Lobbying for law reform (together with FWCC).
  • Lobbying locally for women’s human rights.
  • Organising and participating in international and national campaigns against violence against women and children.

Information Services

  • The Ba Women’s Crisis Centre opens its library services to members of the public who are looking for information on violence against women and children and related issues.
  • Documenting the experiences of women and children who are survivors of violence.
  • Collection of statistical data on violence against women and children.

Physical Address: 35 Navatu Street, Varadoli

Telephone: 667-0466 (24 hours)

Mobile: 923-9775  (24 hours)


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