The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre Mobile Counselling Clinic which started in July 1999, involves counsellors travelling to those areas of Fiji where FWCC services are not immediately accessible. The counsellors base themselves at the local health centre for several days, making their services available to the women in the area. The goal of the mobile counselling is to make FWCC services available to as many people as possible in the rural areas and outlying islands.

FWCC provides the following in order to assist in eliminating violence against women and children:

  • Free and confidential, non-judgmental crisis counselling for victims/survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and sexual harassment.
  • Legal advice.
  • Accompanying or referrals of clients to court, police stations, hospitals and other agencies upon request.
  • 24 hour telephone counselling on phone number: 3313 300
  • Providing emotional support and options for clients to be able to make choices for themselves.
  • Mobile Counselling

Phone Counselling

The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre provides a 24-hr counselling service over the phone. At any time of the day or night a trained counsellor will be available to talk with you, and emergency assistance can also be provided, simply by ringing this number: 3313 300. Keep this number with you at all times and make sure your children also know it.

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