Growing pressure against racist and bigots on social media

20 Mar, 2019

While many continue to unite in mourning the 50 worshipers murdered in the terrorist attacks in Christchurch, some are using the terrorist attack to spread more hate.

Included in this heartless and racist list are some Fijians with real and fake social media accounts who have joined other bigots from around the world to spread more animosity in the hopes of inciting further hatred against the Muslim community.

The Fiji police force is now saying enough and has launched an investigation to find the culprits.

In light of the Christchurch murders, Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre Co-ordinator Shamima Ali says Fijians should not behave in this manner.

“What’s being said now is terrible in the face of this tragedy and this is not Fiji. Fijians don’t behave like this. They behave with compassion and with a lot of love. So something is going wrong somewhere. When we are on social media and we’re friends with people who are talking like this. We should not be quiet we should call them out.”

Opposition MP Niko Nawaikula says they denounce the cowardly act calling on the authorities to ensure racists and bigots are punished for inciting hatred on social media.

“Instead of empowering tolerance, this has happened. So we really blame all of ourselves. Sad as it is, we sympathize with each and every family. We denounce it entirely and we call upon the authorities to take those to task to account for it and to make sure this should never ever happen again.”

Online Safety Commissioner Anne Dunn confirmed to FBC News that despite the obvious hate filled social media posts, no one has come forward to lodge a report.

Dunn is urging the public to report any online hate speech.

“Should a complaint regarding the circumstances last Friday come to the Commission we would be duty bound to act on that appropriately and according to the law.”

Should anyone wish to lodge a complaint with the Commission they are able to do so by mobile contact on 9906652 or email on

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho says they’re not taking this issue lightly.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is urging Fijians to speak up against racism and hatred in all forums and platforms.

His Australian counterpart Scott Morrison shares a similar view urging global leaders to unite in condemning the hatred & intolerance since the Christchurch terrorist attack.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has urged social media giants to wake up and end the situation where extremists are able to peddle their hate on Facebook and other social platforms under fake profiles.

Abbott together with an increasing number of people around the world is calling on all social media profiles to be under real names.


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