FWCC message to the Fijian Drua women

24 Apr, 2024


We congratulate the Fijian Drua women’s team for their wonderful win in Suva in the Super W competition last week with a great sense of pride.

The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre wishes them the very best ahead of their third Super W Grand Final at 4pm on Sunday.

We look forward to the final and whatever the outcome, you will have done us proud.

Congratulations on all your achievements despite all the odds.

The team has been a force that has amplified women’s voices and aspirations and tore down gender barriers. 

You are an inspiration to every young woman and girl in Fiji who may have a dream to make something of themselves in whatever field they are interested in.

We are proud of how you quietly go about doing the hard work and making the necessary sacrifices to achieve glory in the sporting arena. We are so proud of your achievements – because you have done it without all the fanfare awarded the Fijian Drua men’s team.

Thank you for your hard work and we wish you the very best.


FWCC staff at the Fijian Drua women’s sell out game against Western Force in Suva last week 19/04/2024

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