Fiji East Timor Action Group

In September 1999, the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre called a meeting of NGOs out of concern for the atrocities being committed against the East Timorese in the wake of the referendum for independence. At the meeting it was decided that the Fiji East Timor Action Group be formed to take immediate action in support of the people of East Timor.

Member organisations include:

  • The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre
  • Pacific Concerns Resource Centre
  • Citizen’s Constitutional Forum
  • Women’s Action for Change
  • Fiji Council of ChurchesPacific Conference of Churches
  • Greenpeace Pacific
  • Fiji Women’s Rights Movement
  • Fiji Young Lawyers Association
  • National Council of Women

As well as other interested individuals.

The objectives of the group were to:

  •     Raise awareness within Fiji on the situation of East Timor, one of our Pacific Island neighbours.
  •     Lobby the governments of Fiji and other Pacific Island countries to take action against the Indonesian government in support of East Timor.
  •     Raise funds to assist in humanitarian aid projects in East Timor.

Activities so far have included:

September 18th
A candlelit vigil in the Sacred Heart Cathedral crypt.
September 28th
A rally in Sukuna Park, to raise awareness on the history and present situation of the east Timor conflict, as well as to launch the fund raising campaign
December 7th
A video night, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, at which documentaries on East Timor were shown,
December 10th
Participating in the World Human Rights Day March and Rally
September – December, 1999

A nationwide appeal, the proceeds of which are to be sent to Timor Aid for Children (TAC), a project of the East Timor Relief Association (ETRA), based in Dili. As well as donations, proceeds from the sale of T-shirts were collected.

Current project

FETAG is currently organising the collection and delivery of school stationary and supplies to be airlifted to East Timor on Wednesday 22nd March.
The need for stationary was brought to the group’s attention by Fiji troops currently engaged in aid projects in Suwai, East Timor. They reported that there are hundreds of children who are attempting to continue schooling in makeshift classrooms with a complete lack of stationary and learning materials.
Donations of stationary have been requested from suppliers around the country and FETAG will be purchasing more.

How you can help:

Donations can be made directly to this bank a/c number:
ANZ (Suva) a/c no. 05307618
Or in person to:
The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre
88 Gordon St, Suva
PH (679) 313 300

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