Regional Training Program Starts

7 Jan, 2018

The training comprises a total of 4 weeks and is available to women and men working in the area of violence against women and children – from providing counselling support, carrying out lobbying and advocacy and awareness in the communities on these issues.

This training ensures that participants are empowered with a strong, grounded belief and sensitivity on women’s issues. It will enable them to analyse, strategise and organise more effectively to address and reduce gender based violence in their home and communities. Through the regional training, participants will have a better understanding of the issues relating to violence against women and how it affects the development of any society.

The first 3 weeks of training is intended to raise awareness on gender and sensitivity; address and create discussion on the cultural, social, economic and political factors relating to gender based violence and highlights the status of women in Pacific societies. Participants also discuss and analyse the incidence, severity and trends in gender based violence in Pacific societies; awareness of the legal issues relating to Violence Against Women; CEDAW and UN Declaration on Violence Against women; CRC and dealing with violence (awareness, attitude and behaviour); the linkages between conflicts/wars and women in those areas; VAW as a human rights and development issue; Reproductive health and VAW: the effects of HIV and AIDS on the lives of women and in addition learn Basic Counselling skills and the use of the media.

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