NGO Coalition

The NGOCHR was formed on 10 December 1998. It initially comprised of local and regional non-governmental organisations (NGOs) committed to the promotion of human rights. Its current members of the Coalition include the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, the Ecumenical Centre for Research and Advocacy (ECREA), Femlink Pacific and CCF. The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre currently chairs the NGOCHR.

The NGOCHR is a co-ordinating network for non-government organisations engaged in different aspects of human rights education, advocacy and project work. Its aim is to raise awareness in the community of human rights, and the various human rights instruments and documents, and to explain human rights in a way that is relevant to people’s daily lives.

The NGOCHR also deals with other issues such as violence against women, women’s employment rights, the rights of children, HIV/AIDS, environmental issues, disability, trade union rights, colonisation issues, and political rights. Members of the Coalition also provide support for individual programmes and activities of the NGOCHR and its members as well as sharing skills, networks and resources.

Fiji East Timor Action Group

In September 1999, the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre called a meeting of NGOs out of concern for the atrocities being committed against the East Timorese in the wake of the referendum for independence. At the meeting it was decided that the Fiji East Timor Action Group be formed to take immediate action in support of the people of East Timor more….

NGO Coalition On Human Rights

10 December 1998 marked the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights. With a view to commemorating this anniversary, the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre invited a number of local and regional non-government and community based organisations to more…

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