FWCC congratulates Jacinda Arden on landslide election victory

18 Oct, 2020

The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre congratulates Jacinda Arden for being re-elected as New Zealand’s Prime Minister for a second term in a landslide election victory last night.

Ms Ardern has led New Zealand through a terrorist attack, a natural disaster and a global pandemic – and has done so focusing on kindness, compassionate and humble leadership.

FWCC Coordinator Shamima Ali said the win is a great victory for Ms Arden, for New Zealand, for women and for humanity.

Ms Ali said the victory is a reflection of her compassionate, caring and resilient leadership.

She said in these days of terrible leadership in the world, where spaces for human rights, including free speech, are steadily decreasing, where the media is under threat, where there is increased militarisation, where there is too much fear to speak the truth, Ms Arden stands out as a beacon of hope for the world and a great example for leaders, including Fiji, to follow.

Ms Ali said the true and genuine leadership displayed by Ms Arden is what the world needs right now.

She congratulated the people of New Zealand for letting good sense prevail and for voting with their heart and mind.

FWCC wishes Ms Arden and her government all the best.


For more information, please contact Shamima Ali on 9992 875

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